Removal of Static Site & Storage, UI Revamp, Export Logs, Routing upgrades & Platform Updates

Removal of Static Site & Storage

  • Service Discontinuation: We have removed the static site deployment and storage services from our platform UI.

  • Performance Boost: This update includes a comprehensive codebase optimisation resulting in significantly reduced JavaScript and CSS bundle sizes. These improvements will have a noticeable impact on platform performance and user experience, ensuring smoother interactions and faster load times.

  • Data Access: Responding to user requests, the Spheron API and SDK will remain accessible for a limited period to facilitate data retrieval and migration. Please be aware that this access may be discontinued at any time without prior notice.

UI Revamp and Expanded Design System

  • Updated Platform UI: Our platform’s UI has undergone a comprehensive overhaul to embrace our robust design system fully. This refresh ensures a consistent and intuitive user experience across all aspects of the platform.

  • Organisational Pages Enhancements: Key pages such as organisation settings, team management, user settings, and billing have been revamped to align seamlessly with our design system standards, offering a cohesive and user-friendly interface.

  • Expanded Component Library: We’ve introduced several new components to our design system, including table, avatar upload, and confirmation modal.

Routing Upgrades

  • Migration to Browser Router: In this release, we have migrated from a hash routing strategy to a browser router in our platform UI. This transition offers several benefits, including improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization), smoother navigation and better compatibility with modern web standards.

  • Enhanced User Experience: With the new routing strategy, we have revamped the URL structure to provide more intuitive and user-friendly navigation. For example, a route previously structured as ‘/#/compute/settings’ will now be represented as `/org-username/settings`, offering a cleaner and more straightforward URL format.

    Old Route: `/#/compute/settings`
    New Route: `/org-username/settings`

Export Instance Logs

We’ve rolled out a new feature to simplify log management on the Spheron platform. Now, users can effortlessly export and download instance logs directly from the UI. Look for the new “Export Logs” button conveniently located beside the search logs input field within the instance logs section of the instance details page. This addition streamlines the process, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. Furthermore, the functionality extends to each service details page for a specific instance, providing seamless access to relevant log data.

Platform Improvements & Fixes

Improved Billing Experience: In the billing page, adding a credit card no longer leads to redirection to a new page. Instead, the process now opens within a modal window, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive user experience.

Dedicated Ports: We have added support to have an option to select static IP & dedicated ports for all templates and also resolved the issue where selected dedicated ports were not updating correctly, ensuring accurate port configuration.

Instance Last Update: We have modified last updated time to only change upon when user updates the instance configuration or settings.

Template Info Page: We have enhanced the template info page UI to include a video tutorial demonstrating how to deploy a specific template.

Nodes Marketplace: We have migrated all nodes templates to our new marketplace, , for improved accessibility and availability.

Infinite Scrolling: We have implemented infinite scrolling functionality on compute projects and instances pages for improved user experience.

Dedicated IP Price: We have rectified the issue where total instance price was showing incorrectly due to incorrect calculation logic for dedicated IP.

Create Organisation: We have fixed the issue from preventing users to create new organisation when avatar upload fails.

Instance Status: We have addressed the issue where instance status was not updating in real-time unless the page was refreshed.