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Deployed 24 hours ago - no rewards - how do I know it’s working?
Port provided by Spheron even with https// - returns a ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

if the logs are coming properly, then you need not worry around it. Please join elixir discord as well for getting up to date informations

i am getting this error:
ERROR:consensus_node.data_aggregator_ws:1706589992.3617032 [error ] Connection closed error. channel=strategy_node_input data_aggregator_ws_url=wss:// error=ConnectionClosedError(None, None, None)
INFO:consensus_node.data_aggregator_ws:1706589999.3485763 [info ] Connection to the datafeeds websocket channel=strategy_node_input configuration_id=1628915242206308116 data_aggregator_ws_url=wss:// message={‘data’: {‘BINANCE’: {‘PERP-USDT’: {‘baseAsset’: ‘PERP’, ‘exchangeName’: ‘BINANCE’, ‘id’: 0, ‘parameters’: {‘inventory_risk_aversion’: 0.1, ‘inventory_target_base_pct’: 50, ‘max_spread’: 1, ‘min_spread,’: 0.1, ‘order_amount’: 24.6732, ‘order_amount_shape_factor’: -0.005, ‘vol_to_spread_multiplier’: 0.1}, ‘quoteAsset’: ‘USDT’, ‘strategy’: ‘avellaneda_market_making’, ‘symbol’: ‘PERP-USDT’}}}, ‘id’: 1628915242206308116, ‘success’: True}

and this also : Unable to retrieve some image pull secrets ; attempting to pull the image may not succeed.

this is not an error, if the pod is working fine. Also, unable to retrieve image is not a instance logs, it’s a deployment logs. which is not related after the deployment