How secure are we from censorship with Spheron?

We are setting up a reincarnation of the Silk Road Market.I want to know if we use your service would you stand by us and not censor us, shut us down? Filebase has said that they would censor us. Also are all of your services able to be paid for with crypto, I saw you accpet usdc, but will it continue like this?


When we say censor & censorship-resistant, it has a different meaning in different contexts.

At Spheron, we do not support illegal activities being performed over the network & to protect the network, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure the network is not filled with illegal content or sites.

But Spheron revolves around the concept that different countries have different laws related to what is served to their audience. If your uploaded content or running servers are not violating country laws where your content is getting served, the network will not ban you, but if it goes against the law, then the network does.

Also, since a network is made up of nodes, that basically means you can use your node & run the contents without us censoring it; there are ways not to get censored, but we want everyone to use decentralized infra for the good of the world & not the bad.

Coming to your questions, will we keep on accepting USDC? Yes, we will; we are designed like that, so you don’t have to worry about that angle.