Error in Uploading

When trying to run backend, I am encountering this error, while the same code is running properly on other system.

Backend Terminal:

Upload with id 64fc3086f6907b0012eb2f60 started…
error : Error: Upload failed.
at SpheronClient. (C:\Users\mebha\internassignments\backup\backup\EasyForms1\backend\node_modules@spheron\storage\dist\index.js:383:15)
at ()
at fulfilled (C:\Users\mebha\internassignments\backup\backup\EasyForms1\backend\node_modules@spheron\storage\dist\index.js:62:24)
at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

Hey @Bhavya7Verma, in light of the recent introduction of the Storage SDK V2, there have been some modifications to the usage process. It is no longer possible to upload to the Static site organization using the previous methods. To adapt, you’ll need to establish a new Storage organization. To do this, please create a new storage organization by clicking on the dropdown menu at the top right corner and generating a new token specifically for your Storage organization.

Please go through this documentation to learn more about uploading data on Spheron. Also, make sure to bump your @sphero/storage lib version to 2.0.0.

Thank you, But actually I am using the same token for both the system, in one it is running completely fine and data is uploaded. Then what may be the problem with other?

Can you check the library version inside your node_modules? It might be possible that when you install the node modules, it got updated to v2.0.0. if it’s version 2.0.0, it won’t work with older tokens.

Hello @Bhavya7Verma :smiley:

When you run the server locally it works, but when you run it on some server you get this issue?

Cannot really say whats the issue, there should be a some details after the Upload failed. <reason>, not sure why it’s missing.

Can you provide us with the version of the SDK that you are using?

Also can you check that the passed path is correct?

@Bhavya7Verma do let us know if you have got your answer & fix