Tips for Deploying Next.js Applications on Spheron

Hello everyone :wave:,

We have seen multiple questions and issues arising from attempts to deploy Next.js applications on Spheron. This post aims to offer some clarity and guidelines that you should consider when deploying your Next.js apps on Spheron.

SSR (Server Side Rendered) Next.js Applications

  • Deployment Platform: Spheron Compute
  • Requirements: The Next.js application must be Dockerized.
  • Steps: Deploy your Dockerized Next.js application through the Compute section on Spheron.

By following this method, your Next.js application that uses Server Side Rendering (SSR) along with API routes can be successfully deployed via Spheron Compute.

CSR (Client Side Rendered) Next.js Applications

  • Deployment Platform: General Spheron Deployment
  • Requirements: None
  • Steps: Simply follow the Next.js Guide provided in the Spheron documentation.

Following this documentation should make it straightforward to deploy your Next.js Client Side Rendered (CSR) application on Spheron.

We hope this clarifies some of your doubts regarding Next.js deployments on Spheron. If you have further questions or run into issues, feel free to ask below.

Happy coding! :rocket: