Welcome to the Domain Management Category!

This category is designated for all discussions, questions, and guidance related to managing and connecting both centralized and decentralized domains with Spheron services.

What to Discuss? :thinking:

  • General Queries: Use this channel to ask anything related to connecting your centralized or decentralized domains to Spheron services.
  • ENS, HNS, and More: Want to know how to connect your Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Handshake (HNS), or any other domain types? This is your go-to spot.
  • Cloudflare & DNS: Questions about enabling your domain via Cloudflare as your Domain Name Service (DNS)? Or have any other domain-related queries? Feel free to post them here.

Discussion Guidelines :memo:

  1. Be Specific: The more detailed you can be about your issue or question, the better the community and support team can assist you.
  2. Be Relevant: Make sure your posts are directly related to domain management within the context of Spheron services.
  3. Be Respectful: While engaging with the community, maintain a polite and respectful demeanor.

Answering Guidelines :hammer_and_wrench:

Please make sure your answers are precise and aimed at resolving the query. If you have experience or knowledge in domain management, especially as it relates to Spheron, your contributions are highly valued.