Changelog | New Storage SDK Version, New Browser-Upload SDK Version, Platform Improvements & Fixes

@spheron/spheron-storage: New Version v2.0.4

We have released a new version of the @spheron/storage which includes a new function pinCIDs. This new function allows you to send an array of CIDs to be pinned on the Spheron IPFS Node. For more details check out the DOCS.

@spheron/browser-upload: New Version v2.0.1

We have released a new version of the @spheron/browser-upload which includes a fix for the issue that the totalSize was not being increased for files larger than 5MB in the onChunkUploaded callback in the upload function.

Platform Improvements & Fixes

  • Dedicated Gateway Bandwidth Bonus: Introducing support for the Dedicated Gateway Bandwidth bonus, offering enhanced options and flexibility in gateway resource management.
  • UI Support for CID Pinning: Enhanced UI now allows easy pinning of a CID. Initiate new uploads and specify the CID to be pinned to the Spheron IPFS Node with greater simplicity.
  • User ID Accessibility in Settings: For a smoother user experience, we’ve incorporated your user ID into the settings page. This allows for convenient access and copying, facilitating various interactions on our platform.
  • Commission Fee Integration: The compute usage calculation now incorporates the commission fee set by the Spheron provider.
  • Removal of 5 AKT Mandatory Spending on Instance Deployment: This requirement has been eliminated; Spheron now manages this aspect seamlessly.
  • Subscription Credit Deduction Fix for ‘On-Demand’ Instances: On-demand instances have been updated with a refined mechanism for tracking subscription compute usage.
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